Top 10 Paris Sightseeing Tours 2019

This season if you’re planning for Paris then you need to be well prepared with all information. Paris is an interesting destination. Many tourists visit this place because of the historic monuments related to French revolution.

Here is the list of some places that should be explored –

  1. Boat Ride on Seine River

No matter how many times you’ve visited Paris, a boat ride on Seine River is a must. It takes you through the river trail. While relaxing, you can also enjoy the scenic beauty of Paris. It takes you through a complete tour of Paris where you can view every monument like Eiffel tower, Notre Dame, museum and smaller version of statue of Liberty. If you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that boat trip is worth spending money on.

2. Food Street Market

Paris open market includes all kinds of stuffs like fruits, vegetable, flowers, fabric etc. They are considered of best quality and merchants from all around France come early morning to open market to sell their items at reasonable price. You should spend at least one morning on the open market street to know their culture and tradition.

3. La Grande Dame De Paris

Eiffel Tower or La Grande Dame is the important and most visited place in Paris. When you reach the first floor through lift you will not only enjoy the night view but also take a shot of sparkling lights on every house. Entering the best restaurant on the initial floor and taking a sip of best wine with traditional food is all that is required to make your evening romantic.

4. Flea Market

Clignancourt is the biggest antique market where antique dealers sell old items. It can be interesting if only you have an idea of old and artistic objects. Since it is generally overcrowded so avoid evenings.

5. The Louvre and the Musee D’Orsay

The Louvre is the richest museum in entire world because they have best Italian paintings and Greek Sculptures. Although there are many museums and historic monuments that will be included in your tour package, visiting the Musee D’Orsay and the Louvre is a must. It is advisable to buy a museum pass that permits you to enter most of the museums in Paris.

6. Notre Dame

Notre Dame Cathedral is the most renowned tourist attraction. It had around 12 million guests in 2017. Its architecture, paintings, and huge size are what attract tourists.

7. Rodin Museum and Invalides

Rodin Museum contains the sculptures of Rodin out of which The Thinker is situated in the hub of the garden in museum. You can relax in the garden, pack some food and games to spend one day at this picnic spot. After this you can visit the military museum, the Invalides where Napoleon was buried.

8. Museums and Gardens

The Sainte Sulpice Cathedral made by the Da Vinci Code, the Cluny Museum that has the red unicorn and Luxembourg Garden are few masterpieces that you cannot avoid.

9. Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles is home to Madame Antoinette as well as Louis XVI. You can make it your picnic spot and spend the entire day with your friends and family. The best way to reach there is through local train.

There may be many more places mentioned in your tour package, but surely look for these few important destinations. Also ask your guide to take you for a food tour. Explore the best flavours of ice creams and French pastries. Also, visit the well-known bar where you can enjoy wine and beer. The best way to know the complete way of enjoying Paris is by visiting online site TripIndicator. They have all information about reasonable hotels and the best mode of transportation to the sightseeing places. Click on the link to know detailed information.