How lawn can increase the home worth

Every person dreams of a perfect home. A home that is big, beautiful and surrounded by big lawn full of flowers and trees. A place where you can find true happiness and peace. Whenever you go out to buy a home, the first thing you look for in the home is its inviting outlook and perfect ambiance. The front yard of home needs the most attention. Lawns not only add beauty to your home but also increase the worth of the home. Lawns make the home look appealing. Most of the homebuyers are excited about touring the homes with beautiful and well-managed lawns. The structure of the home and other features matter too but first, the overall beauty of the home. Websites estimated that a well-managed beautiful lawn can increase worth of home from 5 to 20 percent. Therefore, lawn care is necessary.

The Curb Appeal

Want Perfect Ambiance? No Biggie!

If you are planning to sell out your home. You need to make it valuable first. You can increase the worth of your home just by spending a few bucks. All you need to do is to make it eye-catching. There’s no need to repaint your home or renovate it. A lush lawn will make your home sparkle. Hire a nice gardener and ask him to clean the yard and plant few flowering trees and plants. Make your garden welcoming to air. Don’t over plant your lawn. It may leave a negative impact on the buyers who are concerned about extra maintenance cost.

Here are some tips for you if you’re getting your home ready to sell:

  • Place pots with colorful flowers near the front door.
  • Keep the yard weed free.
  • Edge the grass of lawn for a neat appearance.
  • Keep the lawn watered and mowed.

It will leave a positive impression on the buyer and will compel him to take a look at the home at least.

Lawn care is Important!

Dead and rotten trees devalue your home. Planting new trees and taking care is not a waste of money. Dealers who advised their clients to improve the lawn claim that they always get their money back. According to RIR (Regional Internet Registry) report, if you sell your home, you can expect 100 percent return on your investment in lawn care in most cases.

Maintaining your lawn is easier than you thought. It only requires fertilization, aeration, weed, and is really cheap too, you need to spend only $375 annually.

Keep the look classic!

Keep the look classic so it won’t look overdone with time. Try to keep it simple and decent because an overdone shows its age more. Make sure that you’re not installing more than required things because the more things you have, from garden beds to water features to pools, the more likely things will need Lawn maintenance and repairing.

Planting trees can save money!

The US Department of energy says that planting 3 trees in the right location can save up to $250 a year in heating and cooling costs.

Author Bio : Sarah works for “Yourgreenpal” and she loves lawn care and gardening.