How to cover an SEO conference live  

The development of SEO leads to the organization of tons of conferences every year. It is, however, impossible to attend each one of them. The need to be part of most of the SEO conferences is what led to the growth of live blogging.

Live coverage of conferences enables you to expand your site through networking. It prevents you from missing out on essential issues in a PPC conference. It also allows you to make connections and gain strategies that can help you grow your business.

Sharing content through live coverage makes people follow your blog so that they can get some action of the actual conference. We will teach you how you can offer live coverage at a conference using the following techniques.

Live-tweet sessions

By attending numerous sessions, you must have your favorites right? Take advantage of the opportunity to live-tweet the best meetings of a conference. You can share different information such as sound bites and stats on Twitter.

The frequency of tweets also determines how much following you receive. You should not be extremely active to make people unfollow you. If you are attending a big event such as the London conference, you can tweet at least seven times per sessions that are 1 hour long. Make use of proper hashtags and do not forget to include the twitter handle of the different speakers.

Share live videos through Facebook

You also stream some session parts live and share them on Facebook. This increases engagement through Facebook as your followers get a notification about the live coverage. Ensure that you share a high-quality video with proper resolution and decent sound. Add hashtags to inform your followers about the conference you are attending.

Use recap posts

There is so much to learn from an SEO conference. Before attending the conference, go through the event’s website and decide on the most relevant sessions to visit. Use of recap posts to share what you learn from the courses.

You can also include them in the editorial calendar. The recap posts should only be a summary of some of the most important lessons you learned from the sessions and not the entire information.  Come up with a post that has takeaways from the conference as you share some interesting lessons online so that those who did not attend can learn something new.

Share the posts soon for you to gain from the event hashtags. Recap posts made at least one day after the event are better than those made after a week.

Share unique photos

People like unique images that are not common with every photographer. You should, therefore, capture behind the scenes pictures and share them on platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram. After party photos also draw attention.

Share appropriate pictures and make use of proper hashtags when tagging those in the pictures. Take conference selfies with fellow attendees and share them on twitter. Such selfies are opportunities to grow your network. Remember to include the hashtag of the conference as you tag fellow attendees.