What should you pay attention to when making friends?

A lover who has already broken up, suddenly becomes your colleague one day, what do you do?

  1. Let him resign in any case.
  2. Resign yourself.
  3. Pretend that nothing happened.
  4. Come out with him again.

Test results:

  1. You have to be more patient. You are an extremely impatient person, and very self-centered, you rarely care about the feelings of others. Especially when you are in trouble, you will seek help from others. You have to be careful, such a character will be angry with friends.
  2. You should listen to the opinions of others. You are an impulsive person, and doing things often ignores the consequences and is easy to fail. You’d better learn to listen to others and reduce the number of failures.
  3. You have to learn how to share your feelings with others. You are a well-thought-out person, doing things with care and thoughtfulness, not being surprised when you encounter difficulties, and will never let others worry about you. If others can’t walk into your heart, it will naturally be difficult to become a close friend.
  4. You should take care of yourself. You are a gentle person, everything will be for others. When you are in trouble, your friends will definitely help you. When you are appropriate, you should think more about yourself.