Wiltshire Pest Control Services

Discovering that a property is infested is never positive, and the matter should not be ignored, or the treatment postponed. A trip to the local DIY store for an over the counter treatment is also unwise because some pests have evolved so that they can tolerate, if not consume, the poisons without ill effects. Complete and lasting eradication cannot be confirmed either. Please, do not waste time or energy on a fruitless or questionable course of action.

Prevention is better than cure so please assess pest control risks regularly.

Act Wisely

Wiltshire pest control specialists have the solutions to remove infestations, prevent future instances and to restore peace of mind by offering a guarantee. Professional attention is often the only approved treatment route to satisfy mortgage companies, insurers, the HSE and maintenance obligations.

With response times of 1 hour for some issues, Pest Control Berkshire, who work in the Wiltshire, Hampshire and Berkshire areas, are established industry leaders. Their team is highly qualified, industry accredited and experienced; if you have a local pest control issue, call them for efficient and competitively priced services.

Wiltshire pest control focuses

Rats and mice are common throughout the UK. There are 15 million plus rats to contend with, including the super-rats who consume many poisons as a food and suffer no negative effects. Specialists have access to licence holder only treatments and have the experience to understand how the rodents mind works. Rodents are intelligent, loyal and have surprisingly accurate memories, so they won’t obligingly fall for every local control trick.

Rats and mice gnaw to maintain teeth strength and as they chew through wood, brick, cabling and pipework, they can cause substantial property damage. Swift attention is imperative to avoid flooding, electrical fires and structural damage.

For businesses, a rodent infestation could be ruinous; from sightings to contamination and potential food poisoning, salmonella and listeria are serious risks, it is unlikely that staff, clients or business associates will be comfortable working with the company or within the environment.

Woodworm, cockroaches, flies and other insects are not only a nuisance, they can close businesses down.

Woodworm are beetles; they do the most property damage whilst in their pre-adult stages as larvae and pupa, it is during this 2-5-year period that they tunnel through timber and consume the cellulose content, weakening it considerably. In the worst cases, the structural integrity of a property is lessened to dangerous, life threatening levels.

Cockroaches require long term strategic pest control designed schemes to halt the infestation. They are happy in cold and warm environments, don’t like direct light and they consume almost anything to survive.

There are approximately 6000 species of flies in the UK, when an infestation takes hold a zapper or flypapers are insufficient; contact Wiltshire pest controllers at once.

You may experience a mole infestation on agricultural land or sports grounds; these industrious pests are often relocated rather than eradicated. So too are bees and wasps; their activities maintain a healthy eco-system, so nest eradication is rare.

Local pest control services are discreet, effective and deliver confidence.